Re-membering Atlantis

Atlantis became irreverent, full of hubris.
We lost sight of the mission and cultivated our own self destruction.
Echos of humanity’s current crisis
It is why so many of us are here again
because we remember.
Karma is sometimes petals on the lotus of experience, unfolding
It is not always cruel punishment
But a timeless experience that keeps reenacting itself, until it resolves
Many of us remember the pivot; the growing misuse of the ancient crystals, the fall of their keepers, the priests of light
and the radiation fueled weapons and technologies
that sank us.
An imbalance with natural forces that created a massive and destructive
weather occurrence.
Messing with the earth’s electromagnetic field
never does anything good.
An entire continent gone.
And here we are, we are not immune, we are not too big,
we are not as powerful and invincible as we think.
The past has a voice because it exists right here and now.
Silencing collective memory by deactivating it
has not been effective for everyone.
Within the halls of the collective mind, lies the potential for an influx of data, whose radiant light codes we can all remember and tap into.
Now is the time to defuse the past,
to heal the experiment
and create a different moment,
a renewed and current present.
There is nothing left to fear, really.
As hard as it feels to make the transition,
if we simply slow down and take the next necessary
step in our evolution
We’ve arrived.
In fact
we’re already there
in future time. ❤

© Jme Isman 2021 All rights reserved

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