Chasing the Darkness Away

chasing the darkness away
does not embrace our humanity
nor can we outrun the work we need to do
personally or collectively
we are not living within our technologies
we are earth’s living biology
we are breathing, feeling, sensing beings
awake to and aware of the elements
the shifting winds
the tides rolling in
we are erupting chasms in the mountains
on fire
in flames
molten lava of kali
raining ember’s of pele
the deeper we go into darkness
into grief,
the unraveling
the deeper we go into mistakes,
the regrets,
into heartbreak,
the more elevated we become.
there is no picnic in duality
it got rained out
and the runoff is flooding and
overflowing the dams
there is no bypassing the timeline we’re in
we’re all here to heal and to feel
the unwinding becoming.
not wound tighter then ever
but letting the universe revel in our next steps
not trying to micromanage or control our destinies
because how could we,
at this point.
we are emblems at the helm of the sacred
we are not lost to the sky
we are embraced
in a blanket of infinite night
stars wrapped in nebulas,
enveloping womb-like universes
we are light weaved into darkness
and darkness into light
ebbing and flowing, always intertwined
we are consorts traveling galaxies
whose love language is the vibratory utterance
of sacred geometry
timeships whirling through portal’s highway
pulling into sehkmet’s pyramidic driveway
creating a dimensional frequency upgrade, bridge.
hyperspace, coming in hot!
please unplug your circuitry,
turn yourselves off…
(wait 2 fold, ten thousand years)
…and then turn yourselves on again.
complete reboot, initiating.
all members of earth,

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