In Preparation for the Pluto Return in the United States

February 22, 2022 (2/22/2022) is the official day of the Pluto Return in the United States. We have been in the shadow of this return for quite some time now. We are now under a month away from this event and you may feel that energies are ramping up. Perhaps they feel like “dark forces” but dark forces brought about by the energies of Pluto can function as the deepest catalysts for transformation and change, even in the wake of it’s destruction.

This is not going to be an easy time and running from that truth or trying to sugar coat it, doesn’t serve us. The benefit of facing hard truths is integration, preparation and deeper peace of mind. Real is not always easy, but reality is the healing balm for denial and disassociation. We are all on this spiritual path, together. The worldly things do not matter as much as we think they do. Take the time to care for yourself. Slow down. Rest. Drink a lot of water and soothing tea. Eat well. Stay home if you can. Disengage and disconnect from external influences and engagements, when needed. De-prioritize external busyness; cease the mania of trying to stay busy and distracted if you can. Stop running. What you feel is real and its ok. You are safe. You are held. You are not alone. The universe is taking care of you. You can let go and let god. Be in, and trust the process.

It is so important right now to take care of ourselves, but it is equally as important to take care of each other. I feel like I am being guided again and again to say this, that I can not stress this point enough. We can not hoard spiritual or emotional resources. Trying to do so, only makes us feel like we are going to self implode. These things are not meant to be hoarded, they are meant to be shared but we can only share them when we hold these things within ourselves. In order to hold these things within ourselves we have to face and process the shadow. If we are struggling with this, it is important to seek out the tools and support we need to process these feelings and experiences. And we also need to take care of our bodies, our minds and our spirits, so we can be vessels for healing and loving energies.

This darkness is not outside of us and it is big right now. It is also both karmic and dharmic; meaning, it is of our own making and choosing and it is also part of a larger universal cycle that we were likely destined to be a part of. In East Indian culture, this cycle is known as the Kali Yuga, the age of destruction. What came first then, the chicken or the egg!? In any case, here we are. Trying to deny or run from this is not the solution, because ultimately we can not outrun ourselves. And truth be told, this darkness is threatening to exterminate our species and devastate our planet. This is real. So what can we do? We can call on the greatest compassion and we can do the work to heal. Balancing our internal energies is of the utmost importance right now. And we may need each other’s help, love and support to do so. Please love yourselves and each other through this. It is our absolute best resource, at this time.

Not facing the shadow, also means not bringing the light into the world, that we so desperately need right now. Light is truth. Light is on the ground, reality. And yes, light is love in the face of anything and everything. Light is compassion in the face of our darkest hour. Light is healing. But also, light can be blinding. And when we blind ourselves to the shadow, we become it. When we face it, we can then bring greater illumination, resolution, expansion of consciousness and deeper healing. This is why things are spiraling so far out of control, right now. We need to face our shadow. And we need to not be afraid of the light of awareness, this can bring. What some folks don’t understand, is that the shadow will be brought to our attention, regardless of our willingness to see it. How we choose to navigate the journey, is up to us.

As someone from the Pluto in Libra generation, bringing light to the darkness and bringing the darkness to light, has always been my path. It can be tricky to hold this balance. I’m not perfect, but I’ve always felt like whatever situation I’m in, my function is to serve as some kind of “balance worker”. Calling myself a light worker or a shadow worker has never resonated as much as the latter. I’ve always said, I don’t take sides. Being a loving member of the universe doesn’t feel like a choose a team sport to me. 😉

It is most definitely a spiritual practice to not shirk in fear from the darkness we currently find ourselves in. Especially in these times. And we can not really hide behind anything anymore or pay our state of mind and spirit, lip service. Everything has become way too transparent. When walking through this tunnel of darkness, if we don’t bring a flashlight we will become lost and consumed by the darkness. We need to bring our flashlights, folks! Let’s brave the tunnel together. Buy lots of extra batteries. Walk with each other and share the light. Because we are that light and we are that darkness. And we need to do the work to stay balanced between these two forces, which eternally reside within us and within the universe. Duality is a convenient mythology which has become so deeply embedded in our psyches, that its destroying us. But it is not the truth. We are all of it. And we need to make peace with that, in order to move forward.

I’m sending everyone love, light and shadow goggles. May we swim in the deep sea depths of truth, reconciliation, peace and healing. Please feel free to reach out to me for Reiki-Seichim healing energy work, if needed. This type of healing energy work can help on all levels; physical, emotional, physiological and spiritual. I’m here to be of service during these times, for the midwifery process, as it were. ❤️

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