Without a Star in Sight

on loss and endings
loss is just a new beginning
they say
but sometimes perhaps, the end is just the end
we have to grieve and let it go
even the things we love the most
even when we don’t want it to
what we love, loses us
we have no other choice in the matter
we have tears
and a heart that has tried and failed
to fight the spirits of destiny
who ultimately won’t let free will reign
apparently we’re here to play a different game
and we wouldn’t play it any other way
but we watch those in awe, who try to play the world
like some illusory free for all funhouse
desperately searching for an escape hatch
in the escape room, but there aren’t any
repeating the game again and again
like respawn, respawn
slamming into the same wall
never learning how to move on to the next level
but nonetheless
we all participate eventually
as the leading role
in the final act
the culmination of so many seasons
the end is better than we think
but its a rocky road to get there
and the road keeps fading in and out
like glitchy virtual reality
but we keep walking anyway
as we are fools and lovers
all of us
tired understudies
finally getting our chance to shine
on this dark and cloudy
cold and rainy
new moon night
in an open air amphitheater
without a star in sight.

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