Being As We Are

Being as we are, we are inter-dimensional beings. Every dimension and plane of existence is a sacred exploration. Every experience on every planet, is a holy quest.

As humans on earth, we exist in what is often considered a “lower” or denser dimensional frequency. We live at the 3D (what New Agers call the third dimension), out of potentially 10 or 11 dimensions. We have to work harder here to maintain balance, to remember unity consciousness and our connection with spirit. Most modern humans however, do not well understand that elevated universal frequencies are actually non linear and non hierarchical! The belief that they are, is a more contracted 3D type concept. Ironic, but we often see things within the context of the vibrational reality we are born into. We have been conditioned to believe that words like up and down mean good and bad and that right and wrong, mean light and dark. And we are taught to associate moral or spiritual success and failure, with concepts like heaven and hell. It’s a very vertical and dualistic paradigm, one with a hierarchical punishment and reward system.

The English language supports this paradigm. When we talk about our spirituality for example, using words like higher and lower, or light and dark to mean better or worse, enforces these dualistic mental constructs of opposition. But the truth is, all of these frequencies simply exist. I like to think of them more as expanded and contracted. Or expanded and dense. Or like a rainbow, on a spectrum. Or like the lowest and highest notes on a musical scale; we wouldn’t say one experience is good and one is bad. We might have more of an ability to sing higher or lower, we might even have a preference depending on our own vibration at the time, but we would still likely appreciate both experiences in some fashion. We would observe how they felt inside of us, how they resonated in different ways and how they exist both singularly and in harmony with one another. This is how the universe works, too. And the universe is us. We are not separate things.

As emanations of the universe, we are born with a deep curiosity to learn more about ourselves. Our souls always seek to learn and grow, to experience everything there is to experience. A very popular modern human desire, is to experience the expansion of consciousness into “higher” dimensional frequencies or to journey into these vibratory states even, inter-dimensionally. But what is the meaning of “higher”, really? In New Age circles, many call these experiences “Ascension”. But again, vertical language when talking about spirituality can be tricky. If you experience the process through the chakras while sitting up vertically, I suppose it can feel like you are ascending to something above you. But we can also experience a heightened sense of awareness lying down or even hanging upside down. 🙂 Although at times it can feel like you are ascending…into something. This is why I personally prefer words like expansion. But if you can frame the concept of “Ascension” in a non linear and non superior fashion, you are more likely to go where you actually want to go, vibrationally!

In various western religious traditions, these experiences have also been called “Enlightenment”. The experience of being elevated and transformed by a greater lightness of being, embodying an expanded awareness, a more profound consciousness of love and understanding. Ahhh. The expansion terminology again. This is a term I always return to.

From a more shamanic, mystical and earth based perspective and concurrently what I understand of most indigenous cultures, the journey of human consciousness is generally considered circular and non linear in nature. From my perspective this is the most expansive frequency one can hold as an earth human. The veils can be lifted to other dimensions, pulled back right before your eyes and there you are. The journey of self discovery can be taken in many forms; up, down, right, left, all around the circle, in and out of time and space. An interdimensional and multi directional, journey.

We have been so conditioned to believe that heaven and ascension, the good place, is up. But like the show “The Good Place”, you arrive by simply leaving your body and opening up your eyes to a new place. Or you walk through an interdimensional door, or you take a train ride through a transdimensional portal… 😉

With this perspective in mind, if we use words like ascension to summarize our spiritual experiences, I think it is also very important to consider embracing terminologies of descent as well. In ancient mythologies, the mystical journey was always about both. Our gods and goddesses, shamans and healers, priests and priestesses, even our kings and queens, took these journeys. Ascent and descent can also be likened to reincarnation and resurrection, both here on earth or into other dimensions of existence. The soul lives on, it journeys and travels, it learns and grows to come to better understand itself as a whole entity.

Contrary to more modern spiritual and religious beliefs, ascension journeys are not necessarily permanent in nature. The soul likes to journey, to travel, to learn and grow and then go places where it can teach evolution. It does so, because at our most expanded frequency we recognize that we are evolving as a collective spirit, that all of our souls are connected on the journey of consciousness and self discovery. For example, consider the mythology of angels, who supposedly reside at one of the most expanded frequencies in the universe, in the dimension closest to “god” or source energy. They “descend” to earth to help humanity and this is considered the noblest of quests. Or master travelers like Jesus, who come to teach these expanded frequencies. Folks like Jesus could have just hung out somewhere more shiny and happy, right? But that’s not really the job, is it? 🙂

Another example of interdimensional or vibrational expansion and then the return to a more contracted state, is the experience with psychedelic plant medicine. You have the experience and then you return back to the vibratory plane of existence you started at. You may gain greater wisdom, understanding and a greater capacity to love yourself, the earth and humanity. But why stop there? We return with the gifts we were given. And in order to stay grounded and functional on this earth plane, we always have to reintegrate to some extent, back into the collective frequency. This is not a failure, but a success. It can be a difficult journey, but it is the way that humans throughout time have brought greater healing and understanding between dimensions.

Once you leave your earth body however, you may choose to migrate to alternate vibratory states of existence. Or you may not have the capacity yet to choose, but may gravitate or be guided by spiritual beings, towards where you need to go next. Some of us have lived or were born as souls at these more expanded dimensional frequencies and then chose to “descend” to the experience and lessons of earth. Or we came to help bring the wisdom of other dimensions. Others have never experienced expanded dimensional frequencies before, we were simply born into the earth dimension, maybe having no interest in learning about expanded consciousness or maybe learning about it, for the very first time. But as long as we are living in these bodies, no matter how far into other dimensions we expand or travel, we have made a choice and a commitment to come back into a more contracted or descended state. And that state of being is just as sacred, as hard as it can be at times to embrace the suffering that comes with this plane of existence. Embracing the suffering however, is often the path through it. Many of us are here to do the work of bridging dimensions, of bringing balance to the force as it were. And that is necessary and needed work.

In essence, whether you are choosing “ascension” or “descension” on the scale of vibratory frequency, you are on a sacred journey. Like the image of Jacob’s ladder, you can ascend and descend as needed if you have the capacity to do so. Or like the experience of playing the harp; you are weaving in and out of various sound scapes, in a horizontal and non linear fashion. All of these inter dimensional frequencies ultimately merge and overlap, transcending time and space. Inter dimensional travel is more of a state of being, rather than a direction you travel in.

And ultimately, you are who you are in every dimension. You always bring yourself with you. Like the energetic journey through the chakras, you might favor red some days, purple another, or you may want to experience the balance of many or all the colors, at once. Whatever you choose, you are bridging worlds. You are weaving vibrational fields, seeking to create harmony out of cacophony. While also understanding that the cacophony has its place too, within our universe of experience.

As balance workers in these very dark times, we are learning how to expand our capacity to hold the darkness, while also bringing through the light of awareness. I personally prefer balance worker to light worker or shadow worker, because the language of balance encompasses bridging all aspects of existence into harmony. It provides a more expanded alternative in my opinion, to the language (and frequency) of duality. None of us can expel or exorcise parts of ourselves and then evolve into the expanded frequencies that we truly seek.

In the movie “The Dark Crystal”, mastery and enlightenment are only achieved when the crystal (which was once whole but then cracked and created the separation of good and evil), heals and becomes whole again. The two beings of light and dark who were created from that split, then become one again. Only then do they experience full realization and ascension (pictured at the top of this article).

Which brings us back to the perspective, that we are all of it. We need to ascend and descend, expand and contract, again and again, eternally. As is the universe. As is the sacred tree of life and the sacred womb of all creation.


Wishing everyone peace, healing and balance as we traverse these profoundly challenging times together on earth.

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