Intuition: The Loving Guide and Gatekeeper

In these times, my perspective is that the absolute best thing we can do is listen to and trust our intuition. If you don’t know how to do that or what that means, basically it’s that voice inside you that when you listen to it, helps you make the best possible decisions. This place of inner knowing, it doesn’t come from the mind or from sources of information outside of ourselves. These things are reflections (which can help or harm us), but better for them not to be our core directives. Perhaps intuition comes from whatever spiritual source we believe in. Perhaps we are all ultimately a piece of that spiritual source and that voice within is our direct line back.

It is easy to get caught up in collective emotion and there is a huge amount of information being thrown at us at all times, from every direction. While our information sources are important, when we start becoming overwhelmed, when we can no longer discern what is genuinely true or right for us personally, sometimes we need to put politics and news cycles aside, put our loved one’s opinions aside and even put beliefs that we have adhered to in the past, aside. Then we can get quiet, listen, and sort things out within.

Trusting our intuition is of the utmost importance, especially in these times. Even if our intuitive guidance is counter to all the external and societal, “shoulds and have tos”, it is still best to listen and take action from that place of inner knowing. This place knows best. It is the place that creates and holds the greatest safety for us, with our best interest at heart. It is beyond us and yet it is entirely within us.

A good way to think about intuition, is as a loving guide or as an informational, emotional and energetic gatekeeper. Whatever information, emotion and energy is coming into our personal space, we can check it at the gate of intuition until we feel steady and centered enough to come to our own conclusions. Intuition takes fear and desire, all of it (both collective and individual) into account, but decisions are not necessarily made from a place of emotion. Intuition is the sweet spot of objectivity and compassionate witness, where the birds eye view, resides.

We all have our own paths. Sometimes we walk these paths together and what we intuit aligns, sometimes a highly intuitive person can be a deep reflection of our own inner knowing, but ultimately no one person can be our intuitive voice. Therefore it benefits all of us, both individually and collectively, to become more self reliant in our ability to recognize and move from this intuitive place within.

Listening to and trusting our intuition is the best resource and survival strategy imo, for the times we are in. I think it’s safe to say that we are immersed in a pretty intensive intuition boot camp, at this time! Sometimes it might feel hard to take the leap of faith and trust ourselves, to trust our spiritual source, to quiet the mind and the emotional drive. But truly it is always worth it in the end because that voice gently guides us to the highest and greatest good, even if we do not understand yet, why. ❤️


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