Blue Origins

Letting go of the dream
and entering into the sacred stream
I arise and awaken.
This is the most illuminated night
where the darkest places surrender
and surrender to everything.
Whirling back into
black portal visions
tunneling through cosmos, watching galaxies spiral by,
so serene.
Every star is just a momentary light year.

And then, welcome home
Your journey has been long and arduous.
Come sit by the crystalline violet and cobalt blue fire.
Perhaps you remember this throne of peace and sanctity.
Watching from the highest balcony
Pink skies from multiple suns setting at once
a mist of rose flush over an ocean of jagged amethyst
towering peaks of quartz crystal
and the endless resplendence of pure lapis lazuli and gold,
naturally encrusted in strategically angled mounds of stone.

The finest of marble floors line the halls
as slender bare feet gently caress
the cool and smooth sanity
of blue origins.
White layers of royal sheer gown
flow delicately like wind swept feathers
taken up by a light breeze
falling and then rising again
dancing amorously with her lover
the hallowed ground.

Images such as these have been
encased in a timeline bottle.
Washing up on the shores of memory
with ebbing and flowing tides
arousing the cellular stirrings
of a castaway.
She who has been patiently, carefully
learning as she goes
re-building her boat out of fallen timber,
cooling embers, starry remnants,
beached stained glass
and the archaic driftwood
of first arrival.

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