New Moon in Leo

Revel in it.
Whatever life brings
dance in the fire of it
This journey through the underworld
is not without merit
you will be fully deconstructed
you will be decimated down to your very essence
You will be forced to dance on the pyre of yourself
Smoldering in the embers of your own reflection
With souls on fire
all material things
our bodies even
will become a distant memory
Like an almost forgotten love
who you now only hold
a glimmer of.

What is reborn though
is no small thing
We will rise to meet it
The universe brings travelers rest
We will complete the quest
Do not be attached to it happening
in this life or the next.
The attachment is an illusion.
Release it.
We exist within the spectrum of an infinitely long timeline
Do not be fooled by momentary breaks
We have all the time in the universe
And the time is right
to have our illusions pummeled and mulched
into worm food

We can not survive earth
lacking equilibrium with great mother
We’ve destroyed our sacred oaths
provoking the scythe and the scales of balance
We’re being made carbon neutral now
there is no more compromise
We’re becoming Kali Ma’s glorious putrid and fetid
microbiome rich compost
her Dom gardening boots at our throats.
Lean into it.
There is ecstasy in what is called
radical acceptance
Becoming humus for future generations to come;
we are the ancestors
we’re speaking of.


All Hail Kali Ma: Mother Goddess Destroyer of all Corruption

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