All that 5D Stuff

Some spiritual gristle I’ve been chewing on. So New Age folks talk a lot about ascension and the 5D and how once we get there energetically, it’s gonna be kind of like a heavenly paradise. I don’t subscribe to any one paradigm of thought but I like to take a glance at all of it and learn the language.

So here’s the thing with all that. In the 3D realm (supposedly where we are now), there is a great deal of density and disconnect from Spirit. Free will reigns, meaning you can freely make choices that are not in alignment with the greater good, with your greatest purpose in life and with spiritual unity. It means a lot of folks live most or all of their lives, truly lost and dis-eased in a sense. And then, as it often is with dis-ease, this can spread and become a collective problem. Even if you were nowhere near being patient zero, if left unchecked, you will likely suffer from the malady.

However, as you travel into more expanded dimensional frequencies (I like to call them expanded not higher or lower b/c that conotates hierarchy or a vertical up and down journey which it’s not!)…. So anyway, as you traverse dimensional frequencies, free will becomes less and less of an obstacle so to speak. It becomes less of a choice to maintain a separate consciousness from the whole. So many people are terrified of this, but in truth it is a great relief to have decisions be way more effortless and peaceful. Which it is, when you can easily tune into what choice is best not just for you, but for everyone. It’s both, so nothing is lost and everything is gained.

If the earth is indeed in transition on a frequency level (and we are definitely seeing some variation of a transition period at this time), this could take a while. Moving into deeper collective consciousness, means everything needs to change. Reason being, this is not a solo journey and we need to embody the reality of that fully. We can’t half ass it. Which means yes, it is impractical and hard to survive that way, as most everything in our culture is currently geared towards the individual and not the whole. It’s a warrior’s journey for sure. Heavy lifting.

This is the biggest lesson I feel that even some of the most earnest folks, miss. The truth of, my journey is inextricably linked to yours. My good or bad decisions affect you and vice versa. Truly embodying this collectively, I mean, that could take 10s of thousands of years and a lot more suffering until the shift finally happens. If it happens. I mean the planet might make the shift in frequency, but will humanity (or how much of humanity) will go with her? That’s in question. Good news is time is an infinite spectrum and death is just a break… 😉

And then of course, in the big scheme of things, 5D is only slightly more expanded then 3D. It’s actually not as big a leap as many folks make it out to be! If we make it through this transition, human evolution still has a loooong way to go to be anywhere near our multidimensional capabilities. We’re talkin 11D and beyoooond… 😉

So, enjoy the ride! It’s a bumpy flight, but also pretty f’n amazing. Caw! Over and out…🥰

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