Slow Down

Sloooow down. Slow way way way way down.
Slow down so much that no one can touch your essence
because you are so deeply rooted inside of your body’s alignment,
that only you can be the navigator of the ship.
Slow down into natural time.
Slow down with the heartbeat of the tree.
Integrate with time and space.
Where do you have to go? What do you have to do? Why is it so important?
What if the greatest gift and offering you could give at this moment is to slow down.
Turn off the wireless, for faster download speeds with the universe.
Realign with the natural rhythm, pulse, organic magnetic fields.
Walk outside, resurrect an intimacy with every one of your senses.
With fast, fast, fast, what really gets accomplished?
Where do you arrive at? What comes of it?
The baby Pine trees love being coddled, pet and combed of their dead needles.
What could be better? The grand mother Pine tree is worthy of reverence.
Slow down to the shared pace of inhale and exhale.
Your mind unwinds with the night sky. Silent truths arise.
All these starry mysteries, infinite.
Not one of us is ever alone.
Slow down to get there, faster.
Turtle power ❤️

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