Slow Down

Sloooow down. Slow way way way way down. Slow down so much that no one can touch your essence because you are so deeply rooted inside of your body’s alignment, that only you can be the navigator of the ship. Slow down into natural time. Slow down with the heartbeat of the tree. Integrate with … Continue reading Slow Down

All that 5D Stuff

Some spiritual gristle I’ve been chewing on. So New Age folks talk a lot about ascension and the 5D and how once we get there energetically, it’s gonna be kind of like a heavenly paradise. I don’t subscribe to any one paradigm of thought but I like to take a glance at all of it … Continue reading All that 5D Stuff

Inanna’s Final Ascent

Bang the drum, NinshuburAs you are the only one holding the tether to return Inannato the surfaceEven the call to Inanna’s beloved brother Utu, goes unheard The wise father Enki however, son of Anu, hears her cries with compassionGives Inanna all of the ME’sso that she has the wisdom to ascend from the clutchesof Ereshkigal’s … Continue reading Inanna’s Final Ascent

Invisibility Cloak

Something interesting comes from having a disability that keeps you apart from societal structures long enoughthat you come to know yourself outside of them.You are more isolated yes,but you are also less constricted and restricted.You can stretch your wings wide,because you have been released from the cage, in a sense.Especially when you know that you … Continue reading Invisibility Cloak


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