Heal In Community Caravan

Join the Heal In Community Caravan! A fragrance free and low emf mobile community, dedicated to community building and bringing herbal remedies, hope and holistic care to marginalized individuals with environmental illnesses (MCS/EHS).

Some ideas for the Caravan:

-Host a fragrance free herbal tea party (I’ll bring the goods and set up a tea bar!)
-Host a local MCS/EHS safe potluck!
-Host a class on Herbs for MCS, Herbal Medicine Making, etc
-Host a meetup group for MCS/EHS folks in your area to talk about creating a land based community or to spearhead a local support group.
-Gather in areas where folks are interested in looking at land together. Visit existing communities together as a unified MCS force!
-Schedule a meet up appt with me, for a fragrance free Reiki-Seichim session. More info on that Here.
-Meet up to purchase Mystic Crow’s herbal products (save on shipping)!
-Mystic Crow’s Apothekitchen services! Enjoy organic, healthy, wholesome and gluten free meals, which also incorporate wild and medicinal herbs, plants and foods! I can cater to your dietary specifications, other than gluten free being a must, (I have a gluten allergy myself so need to cook GF!) In exchange for having myself and my van, visit your land or for a fee we agree upon.
-Do you have healing to offer, or do you want to explore community? Caravan with me on the road to meet others interested in the same, and to bring holistic care to those with environmental illnesses!
-Bring your ideas… Contact Me!

I will be traveling in my work in progress, MCS safe/EHS safer van girl crush…Starship Shelby Vantastic! Pics and vids to come…

Please contact me through my Contact Page to arrange a meet up or to chat about ideas! Also, please join the FB group, MCS/EHS/EI: Creating Long Term Safe Communities for posts on upcoming meet ups or offerings.

Many thanks and blessings! Here’s to healing in community! We all need it! ❤️

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