Reiki Seichim

Intuitive Energy Medicine Sessions

Intuitive Energy Medicine Sessions are offered within the structure of a Reiki-Seichim session. Reiki-Seichim has it’s roots in ancient Egyptian healing and the elements of nature, an offshoot of the more traditional, Usui Reiki. Reiki is essentially universal life force energy, transmitted by the practitioner with the intention of supporting the recipient’s greatest and highest good. This energy can bring about healing and balance on all levels; physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

As the spirit moves me (and depending on the client’s expressed need), I may also incorporate intuitive herbalism. This would involve suggesting an herb or herbs to support the recipient’s well being. I can also transmit the energy of herbs, if needed. This especially comes in handy for those who are sensitive to ingesting certain plants or who don’t have financial or local access to them, but want to receive their benefits.

As a psychic, Reiki sessions provide me with a structure to connect with and read the recipient’s energy on many levels. I often receive information, that I then share. The more psychically open the recipient, the more flow there is with this type of exchange. At times, a message or healing may want to come through from a spiritual guide or ancestor; when this occurs, I act as a medium for the healing or message. As an astrologer, I may also inquire about your sun/moon/rising sign or natal chart, in order to integrate healing, insight and guidance along these lines.

Sessions go for about an hour or sometimes a little longer and are set up on Zoom. Please bring your questions, issues and concerns and we will work to address them together. I can also do long distance healings, at either a set time or a fluid time, whichever you prefer.

I offer a sliding scale rate of $50-$75 for Intuitive Energy Medicine Sessions. Please contact me for more information or to make an appt. You can also contact me to purchase a gift card, if wanting to gift a session to loved one.

If dealing with extreme financial hardship, please inquire about special rates. My sessions go very deep, are very thorough and require a lot from me (including prep time and follow up), so please pay what you honestly can on the honor system. I try to keep my rates affordable and accessible for all, so if you can afford the higher end of the scale, please pay it forward.

Thank you and many blessings. xoxo


“Jme is a true intuitive healer. During our Reiki session she was first and foremost an empathetic listener. Our time never felt rushed, and she was totally present in the session. She is incredibly knowledgeable about energetic healing and helped me understand what was out of balance. When she worked on me, I felt a strong connection between body and spirit that stayed with me long after our session.” -Lorraine M

“I’ve long appreciated Jme’s herbal products and was confident that her excellence would shine through in her new, Reiki practice. Unsurprisingly she was thorough; intuitively read my needs well; recommended an herb that could assist me beyond our session; and, as usual, was personable and warm.” -Rebecca F

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