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Mystic Crow’s Elemental Elixirs

Greetings! Mystic Crow’s Elemental Elixirs, is my herbal and natural product shop! I handcraft unique, deeply flavorful and complex Astrological and herbal tea blends, as well as herbal tinctures, salves and other featured natural products.

For almost 15 years, life has moved me around the country to every environment and ecosystem you can imagine! I have learned to work with and love every piece of land that has welcomed me home, learning the plants as I go, both their spiritual aspects and physical qualities. I then in turn offer these plant remedies to those who resonate with the creative and spiritual ways in which the plants flow through me and make wonderful, helpful things happen!

Because I have been on a recovery path since 2006 from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) and have evolved into an herbalist due to this very deep, transformative and sometimes harrowing journey, I in turn specialize in herbal remedies for MCS and other environmental illnesses! My current focus as an herbalist is gentle detoxification and nourishing support for the organs and body systems, medical astrology (the science of how herbs align with the planets) and immune system support and health.

In 2014 I started doing business as Mystic Crow’s Elemental Elixirs and have been open on Etsy since 2016. Due to the nature of my own recovery and disability issues, my work as an herbalist has been a very non linear path! It has been all about growth and expansion, but also about rest and retreat. Which is really the essence of healing; by its very nature, healing ebbs and flows and moves along a spiral path. What I learn in a natural and authentic way as I grow as a person and as an Herbalist, is also what and how I can give back to my community. 🙂

My focus as a Community Herbalist is just that, Community Herbalism! Which is the science and art of returning plant medicine back to the people on a local, grassroots, community level. One of my teachers Rosemary Gladstar often expresses something along the lines of, “Hopefully one day there will be an herbalist on every block!” And I agree. Community Herbalism is a family and neighborhood practice because plants are also our neighbors! The best herbal medicine can often be the green stuff growing right near our feet, on trees and bushes near our homes, or by local oceans, rivers and creeks (but harvest from clean places please!)

So, this is how I can help. 🙂 Plants are my love language. Where can you get stuff from me? I currently utilize Etsy for online customers who want products shipped out to them.

If you are local to the Durham/Chapel Hill area and would like to purchase from me directly, you also have options!
1) You can CONTACT ME HERE and place your order for delivery. With this option you can pay me through Venmo directly @mysticcrowselixirs and have your items delivered to you for a small fee which will cost less than shipping. Please inquire when ordering, because depending on where you live, this may slightly affect your delivery fee.
2) Please follow me on Social Media to be updated on upcoming markets, pop up shops or events where you can purchase herbal goodies from me or participate in community events!
IG: @mysticcrowselixirs
FB: Mystic Crow’s Elemental Elixirs

Thank you and lots of love!!! Please be the herbalist you want to be, on your block! With some good solid herb school training and through safe experiential learning, you can be the medicine you need and that your friends, family and community needs. Plants are here to help us! They are in community with us. Herbalists, are simply their emissaries. If we can get out of our own way, we can all give the medicine back to the people, where it belongs! ❤️

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